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10 kms far from Island Vir there is a tiny Island called Nin. Its history began in the ancient Roman period that is reflected by a few ruins. In the 7th-10th centuries it was the royal town. There are churches in the island, but the Saint Cross is highlighted, because this is one of the most tiniest cathedral in the world.


30 kms far from Island Vir there is Zadar, the most beautiful town of Northern-Dalmatia. Zadar is surrounded by 3 walls that was built against the Turkish conquerors. This was built in the 16th century by people from Venice. There is a walking bridge on the Eastern wall that bonds the new town and the old town together. It is worth to see the 4 gates built in the middle ages; the square of 5 wells; Church of St. Donatus; ruins of the Roman Forum; St. Anastasia Cathedral that was built in the 12th century in Roman style. The Saint’s Relics can be seen near the altar in the sanctuary on the left hand side.


60 kms far from Island Vir you can see the Paklenica National Park in the Southern part of Mount Velebit. We offer this area to botanists, ornitologists and for mount climbers, because there are more than 200 preserved species there. Ravine is the most beautiful part of this area. there you can find caves and abundant forests as well. One of the caves includes a creek base.


80 kms far from Island Vir there is Sibenik that is an important port in Croatia. This town was established by the Croatian tribes in an unknown time. The beautiful seaside walkway is near a few famous views – like Sibenik Cathedral, St. Anne’s Fortress etc. The town is surrounded by the Krka National Park.


100 kms far from Island Vir, near to Sibenik there is the Krka National Park. River Krka made canyon valley into the mount. The national park consists of waterfalls, lakes, and fabulous cliffs. Le tus highlights Waterfall Roski that falls from 27 meter height; the Franciscan Abbey in a small island called Visovacon; and last but not least the bird paradise in Skradinski buk.


Kornati National Park can be approached in a scheduled boat trip. This national park consists of 8 bigger and 100 smaller islands. If you want to enter this national park you should buy daily ticket that can be bought in many of the ports. The official enter is Opat and Preversa. A few island contains belvedere on their top. White cliffs nearly vertically connecting the sea. In Island Kornat there are number of ruins from the Byzantine ages. In Telascica you can the the salt watered Lake Mir.  Visiting the islands would be unforgettable experience for the guests of CharLi apartment house as well.


50 kms far from Island Vir there are the Plitvice Lakes that is the most significant national park in Croatia. Area of the national park is 295 square km. 16 lakes bond together along North-South direction. Also there are 190-200 different waterfalls in Mount Kapela. Lower lakes are more shallow and have different colors than upper lakes has. One waterfall there falls from 78 m height.





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